Southwest Shutter Designs

Our Southwest shutters are truly one-of-a-kind shutter designs for every homeowner, for every window. Our Southwest shutters are the perfect accents for the custom Southwest home.

Select from either Knotty Basswood or Knotty Alder wood and let your imagination take over. Our Southwest shutters can be as “clean” as you want or as “rustic” as you desire.

Options for your new Southwest shutter designs include:

  • Basswood or Alder woods with Knots to add additional character
  • Nail and grinding markings to add more rustic features and give the impression of “Old World” shutters
  • Saguaro cactus ribs mounted vertically or diagonally
  • Combination of Saguaro cactus ribs and willow wood to provide a fantastic color contrast
  • Custom hand-stained or painted to match your furniture or flooring
  • Custom designed desert and mountain scenery on copper and other metals
  • Oil-rubbed bronze hinges to complement any Southwest shutter

In addition to our Southwest plantation shutters, our Southwest shutter designs can be installed in any kitchen cabinet, hallway closet, television cabinet, or bathroom vanity remodel.