Woodlore Composite Shutters

Our #1 selling shutter is the perfect plantation shutter for Arizona’s high heat.

Norman Window Fashions offers a highly durable composite wood shutter, Woodlore, which is the #1 selling shutter in America. Woodlore is made of composite wood and finished with a polypropylene coating that resists cupping, warping, twisting, and fading, and allows for easy stain removal.

Woodlore shutters are offered in a variety of frame options as well as several choices of white and off-white colors. The smooth finish makes for easy cleanup with the higher dust climate we experience in Arizona. Simply wipe your Woodlore shutters with a “damp” wash cloth or other soft cloth, including micro-fiber gloves.

Woodlore shutters can be installed in almost any window configuration, including bypass or bi-fold systems to cover patios as well as arched windows. Additional options include decorative still plates, louvers in multiple sizes, and hidden or offset tilt rods. Norman’s patented Deco frames add decorative molding to every window.

Woodlore’s UV inhibitors protect against color fading and yellowing, and the patented polymer coating resists staining to ensure a long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore shutters withstand temperatures up to 140ºF, so they won’t sag when exposed to window heat like many hollow vinyl products.

Woodlore includes a 50-year limited warranty!

Woodlore Plantation Shutters